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What's important to you?

“Silverstone manage my fleet, they save me time and unwanted stress! They just get on with it!” Martin Brown, Director - Radisson Brown PLC

Massive cost savings every year!

“ODO provides a dashboard containing a complete oversight of my fleet with rich analytics, so I can make better decisions and save time and money” Amanda Smith, Partner - Open Space Ltd

Did you know?

If an employee is driving a vehicle for business purposes whether company-owned or driver-owned (grey fleet), the employer has responsibility for their safety and legal compliance.

Worrying failings in senior management knowledge and actions

  • 60% of leaders didn’t know size of grey fleet
  • 53% thought it wasn’t their responsibility
  • 34% of grey fleet drivers had never had their driving licence checked
  • 33% didn’t have cover for business journeys on their car insurance
  • 74% of drivers don’t do proper vehicle and tyre checks

Why Fleet Management?

What are the main features?

  • Vehicle Procurement
  • Leasing & Finance
  • Template Policy Documents
  • Fixed Cost Vehicle Maintenance
  • Pay on Use Vehicle Maintenance
  • UK and European Breakdown
  • Glass Management
  • FREE Accident Assistance
  • Business Daily Rental
  • Short-Term Leasing
  • Online Risk Assessments
  • Driver Training
  • Fleet Consultancy


What are the main benefits?

  • Central Management for all Business Vehicles and Grey Fleet
  • 24-7-365 Driver Helpline
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Expert Advice
  • Interest Free Business Account
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Professional Cost Control
  • Access to Discounted Labour /Parts
  • UK Nationwide Coverage
  • Pre-Vetted / Approved Network
  • Your Virtual Fleet Manager
  • Multi-Award Winning Service

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