Silverstone Leasing

1. Expert advice

We will ask the right questions to ensure we create a bespoke selection of vehicle finance and ancillary services packages appropriate to your needs.

2. Access to specialist software

By using our personalised digital platforms, we can analyse large amounts of data on your behalf, saving you time and giving you access to a wider range of vehicles at competitive rates.

3. Aggregator for hundreds of suppliers

We will have access to a wide range of vehicles and services from a selection of suppliers. By bringing them together, we can create bespoke packages that meet your needs through a single point of contact.

4. Customer protection

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), meaning we follow strict processes to ensure our customers are treated fairly. We also adhere to an additional industry Code of Conduct and audit regime, which is backed up by a free dispute resolution service.

5. Assist with underwriting credit

Most motor finance lenders will require customers to be approved through a credit underwriting process. We will act as the intermediary to complete that process, ensuring that the agreement is fair and affordable.

6. Looking after your lease

Vehicle leases typically last for three or four years, during which time the vehicle is likely to require additional services to keep it safe and roadworthy. We can package up different services - including servicing, repairs and breakdown cover - in a hassle-free and cost-efficient way.  

7. Translate jargon into plain English

When quoting for a vehicle or producing a lease agreement there are a lot of, complex terms and acronyms. We will cut through that jargon to ensure you can make a fully-informed decision.

8. Offers more choice and creates competition

By bringing together vehicles and services from across the market, we play a key role in keeping the supply chain accessible and competitive.